Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Daun muda

The City of Bath has something for everyone, accommodation wise - from friendly budget rooms to five star luxury pads. Some of the best Bath accommodation, though, is to be found in the spa hotels that cluster around its centre, hidden in back streets and around quiet corners. These luxury hotels Bath are deceptively withdrawn from the rush and bustle of city life - some of their quaint little closes and back alleys are a literal stone's throw away from the legendary Roman site the town is named for, which itself is thrust amid the shops and bars of Britain's trendiest city. Ideal, then, for the city break from heaven.
  A city break is as popular as it ever was, particularly with the smart set who like to take short holidays often rather than long holidays once a year. Bath accommodation has everything going for it. It's set in a city, but the city is set in one of the UK's most beautiful and accessible countryside - the rolling hills of the West Country, which lead through dales and downs until, eventually, they tumble to the sea. Luxury hotels Bath provides a wonderful base from which to explore this countryside - and, of course, the city too.

Bath City is quite unlike any other location in the United Kingdom. It's as cosmopolitan as they come, filled with wine bars, cafes, chichi restaurants and designer pubs. Every other shop is a boutique of some sort and the whole lot is encapsulated in glorious old West Country town buildings, their sandstone making the streets of the city centre a picture in sun-touched reds. Whatever time of year one chooses, Bath accommodation makes the most of its surroundings - set itself in the same sandstone and commanding aspects of the wide, smart streets so loved by some of Britain's most famous literary figures. Luxury hotels Bath give one the definite sensation of having stepped back in time, to an era when these legends were flesh and blood and not just names on a frontispiece. One half expects Jane Austen or Beatrix Potter (both settled alumni of the city and its surrounding hills) to bump into one in the corridor.

Whatever the reason for one's break - romance, a breather, or just a chance to shop and eat in one of the most sophisticated towns in Europe - Bath accommodation provides a base that is truly in keeping with the atmosphere of the city. A little old, a little new and a little trendy: the perfect mixture for a long weekend. Stroll the arcades, shop in the boutiques, and drink in the wine bars. And come back to that delightful cathedral close at night, anticipating already the warmth and comfort of those luxury hotels Bath hides so well. Remember - in Bath, one is never far from the heart of things. In a good Bath hotel, one is right in amongst it. Though one would never know, from the peace and solitude one has been blessed with. Take the time to really enjoy it - you won't be disappointed.